Aseel's Lifeline to Aid Afghan Families Returning from Pakistan

December 3, 2023


November, 11, 2023, Kabul, Afghanistan- As the November 1, 2023, deadline for Afghan nationals to leave Pakistan passes, the fear of arrest and/or forced deportation looms heavily upon countless Afghan lives in the country. Many have left before the cutoff, while thousands remain stranded at the Torkham and Chaman crossings, waiting for a safe exit from Pakistan.

Since the fall of the Republic Government of Afghanistan in August 2021, hundreds of thousands of Afghan nationals sought refuge in Pakistan, seeking a better life for themselves and their families. However, with the latest regulations passed by Pakistan authorities, those without documentation are forced  to return to their war-torn homeland with their lives uprooted and no certain future. The ongoing crises and the oppression of the Pakistan Government have shattered their hopes, leaving them in a state of unimaginable hardship.

In response to this tragedy, the Aseel Do Good - DirectAid Beta launches its new campaign, "Aiding the Afghan Returnees from Pakistan | Forced Deportation." The campaign will disseminate an initial fund that will be a lifeline for forcibly returned  Afghan families. The funds raised will be used to purchase and distribute emergency packages tailored to the specific needs of the returning families. These packages are of two different types:

1. Welcome Kit for Afghan Returnees: The package comprises personal hygiene needs such as bathing, tissue papers, masks, toothpaste, and lotion. To keep comfortable in cold weather, families will be given winter items such as coats and stockings. In addition, each registered household is given a tent to use as a temporary shelter. The box also includes necessary kitchen items such as flour, beans, a gas cylinder, and a cooker, ensuring they can safely cook food. Children, often the most vulnerable in times of crisis, need support to cope with the challenges they face. The Welcome Kit includes toys for kids, helping them to forget their loss for some moment while playing with the toys.

2. Welcome Kit Cash Package: With the limitations imposed on Afghan nationals to carrying just 50,000 AFN in cash upon leaving, registered returning families will also get $50 in cash to cover their basic needs. Aseel is steadfast in distributing 10,000 OMID IDs to assist returnee families and ease their immediate challenges. Our Emergency Response Team and Local Community members (Aseel’s Atalan Network) are on-site in Torkham Border, identifying and registering each family.

We plan to identify each family with an Omid ID Card, provide them with an immediate welcome package, and then help them with their Omid ID Cards to get to sustainable livelihood in the provinces of their choice in the long run. Aseel invites you to collaborate with us in highlighting a global issue, allowing the readers to connect and stand in solidarity with the deported Afghan families. We are ready to provide you with compelling content such as interviews, captivating visuals, and any additional information you need to craft an impactful story. Please let us know if you need further details. Together, we can provide safety support and make the journey home easy for Afghan returnees seeking shelter in their homeland. Let's work together to help them reclaim their lives and make a positive impact.

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