Aseel's Urgent Call to Support Herat Earthquake Victims

July 21, 2024


On 7 October 2023, a 6.3 M earthquake struck Herat Province, followed by two 5.9 M earthquakes, which shattered the lives of thousands of Afghans amidst the ongoing humanitarian crisis. The earthquake has left numerous families without homes, with many individuals injured and mourning the loss of their loved ones. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 11,585 people in Zindajan, Injil, Gulran, Kohsan, and Kushk districts have been affected, and the villages of Kushk, Naieb Rafi, and Sia Arab in Zindajan district have suffered significant damage. Local authorities have reported a tragic toll, with over 2,500 lives lost and 1,663 injured and yet counting.

Areas impacted due to a 6.3 M earthquake striking Herat, followed by two 5.9 M earthquakes

Standing in solidarity with the Herat earthquake victims, Aseel Do Good - DirectAid Beta has stepped forward to raise funds through its latest campaign, “Emergency Earthquake Relief Package for Herat,”  to alleviate the suffering of those affected.

Emergency Earthquake Relief Package for Herat

Seeing families being suddenly robbed of their home, their safety, and their peace of mind, is distressing and upsetting. Aseel understands this pain and extends its support via its campaign. This package, only $200, serves as a lifeline for the victim families of five to eight members for at least five weeks. It addresses their immediate needs, ensuring shelter, sustenance (food needs), and hygiene during this trying time.

What the Relief Package Offers:

1. Shelter: Temporary housing solutions, providing families with a tent, blankets, clothing and shoes.

2. Cooking Essentials: Nutritious items such as rice, flour, beans, lentils, sugar, green tea, and cooking oil are part of this package that can feed a family for at least five weeks, ensuring that no stomach goes empty and no child sleeps hungry.

3. Hygiene Items: Basic necessities like soap, sanitary products, and clean water, promoting good health and preventing the spread of diseases in vulnerable conditions.

4. Cash Assistance: Giving cash to these victims is a much-needed help at this vital time; therefore, Aseel provides them with $50 to spend on whatever they need.

Aseel's Plea:

In this moment of despair, we must stand together as a global community.  Aseel Do Good - DirectAid Beta invites every soul, regardless of borders or backgrounds, to join hands and support the people of Herat. Your contribution, even as small as 1 USD, can make a significant difference. It is not merely a donation; it is an act of empathy, a gesture that echoes across continents and bridges the gap between hearts. Aseel's campaign has so far raised $14,414 to purchase and distribute emergency supplies to people in greatest need. However, in order to help every victim, Aseel requires additional donations and assistance from you.

  • 1. Donate: Visit Aseel Do Good’s website and contribute whatever you can. Remember, even the smallest amount can create ripples of change.

  • 2. Volunteer: Join the Atalan Network to help identify, list, register, assign Omid IDs, prepare and distribute emergency packages to the survivors. Your active participation amplifies the impact of our collective efforts. Despite the efforts of the Atalan Network, the team needs some female volunteers to join and directly get engage with the female survivors. Interested ones, please contact + 93748106601 or go to this link:

In times of adversity, let us stand shoulder to shoulder with Herat, giving them more strength. Together, we can rebuild homes, restore lives, and prove that love and compassion will always triumph over tragedy.

About Aseel

Aseel is a tech-based startup company providing a digital platform that allows artisans to sell their antique handcrafted products and provide humanitarian aid to and from anywhere in the world with complete transparency. We believe in the practical use of the skills to build the positive change the businesses and communities need. The easy and user-friendly platform of Aseel supports thousands of makers by connecting them to global buyers. Transparency and privacy have always been the core values of our team. We are committed to supporting our clients through our secured and protected customer service page anytime.

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