Aseel's Child Malnutrition Campaign: A Collective Movement for the Well-Being of Afghan Children

July 21, 2024


"There are 7 million children (under the age of 5 ) and mothers who are malnourished in a country with a population of 40 million," says the World Food Program spokesman.

Afghanistan, hit with multiple natural and artificial disasters, faces another increasing catastrophe, "Child Malnutrition." The child malnutrition statistics show that 41% of the aged five or below five population suffer from acute malnutrition with their mothers, the primary source of nutrition for children. The factors such as poverty and political shifts in the government since August 2021 have significantly contributed to the increased level of malnutrition in children and adolescents. Every one out of three girls now suffers from anemia, while only half of the babies are breastfed for the first six months leaving the rest deprived of their basic needs, which is quite shocking. Moreover, the effects of malnutrition on child development are beyond physical health, leading to stunted growth, weakened immune systems, and impaired cognitive development, hindering reaching their full potential.

Recognizing the heightened need for malnutrition assistance following the collapse of the Afghan government, Aseel took action. Despite families courageously battling against adversity encompassing their faith, poverty, hunger, and numerous other challenges, Aseel initiated its "Do Good" campaign. Supported by a dedicated team, various donors, fundraisers, and on-site volunteers known as the Atalan Network, Aseel has been ceaselessly engaged since August 2021 in delivering essential aid to those facing dire circumstances. Amidst these urgent relief campaigns, special attention has been given to addressing child malnutrition, ensuring that vital provisions reach the suffering infants.

Why/How Your Contributions Matter

As of August 24, 2023, Aseel is embarking on a new campaign, "Nutrition for Children: A Lifeline Campaign." The primary objective of this campaign is to raise much-needed funds, with a target goal of $3000. The funds raised through this initiative will serve the purpose of procuring and distributing Emergency Packages for Child Relief.

These packages provide vital aid to children who are grappling with malnutrition, as well as those who are hospitalized and undergoing medical treatment. Each package includes crucial food provisions like flour, rice, beans, sugar, baby diapers, Baby Formula Milk, and Baby Cerelacs. The food selections for this package have been meticulously chosen to align closely with an infant diet's nutritional and energy requisites.

The formulation of these packages considers factors such as dietary considerations, prevailing environmental conditions, familiarity with the food contents, storage prerequisites, and food processing and preparation methods. Your contributions to this campaign hold significant value, as they directly impact the well-being and nourishment of these vulnerable children.

How You Can Contribute

Big or small, every cent donated to this campaign is directly utilized to purchase and distribute nutrition treatment supplies for children. There are some ways that you can contribute:

  • Donate: Take a moment and open the Aseel Do Good on your smartphones or laptops and donate any amount to the Nutrition for Children: A Lifeline Campaign.

  • Spread the Word: Using our social media accounts, where we connect with the world every second, can be an excellent tool to disseminate information about Aseel's humanitarian campaign, its aim, and its target audience. Post, share, and promote the message of this campaign with your friends in your community while encouraging them to share the campaign further.

  • Volunteer: Assist our Atalan network in purchasing, packaging, and distributing emergency child relief packages. You can also participate in finding the children who are suffering from malnutrition, and report to the Aseel Do Good team for further assistance.

  • Engage Online: Using your accounts, you can participate in online discussions and forums to post and write about Aseel's efforts for child malnutrition. This can help Aseel to gain more donors and reach its goal.

By contributing to Nutrition for Children: A Lifeline Campaign, you are taking the initial step towards providing Afghan kids and moms a healthy life. Together, let's donate for food: nutrition to grow.

About Aseel

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