Give, Support, and Donate to Aseel’s Campaign on this International Day of Charity

July 21, 2024


"As we grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for HELPING yourself, the other for HELPING others," says Audrey Hepburn.

Indeed, giving back to the community for a good cause is one of humanity's best acts on the International Day of Charity, observed on 5 September 2023. It is a day celebrated to raise awareness about the social responsibility of every individual towards those who struggle to find a better life for themselves and their families. The day calls for the combined efforts of everyone worldwide to step forward and support and raise awareness of these charitable causes.

Why is International Day of Charity so important?

In memory of Mother Teresa's passing, 5 September is marked as the International Day of Charity. She spent her life serving to overcome the poverty and the struggle of needy people through various campaigns, which later helped launch many other charitable causes/organizations across the globe. Therefore, the Hungarian Parliament and Government marked the International Day of Charity in 2011.

According to the UN's estimation, out of 40 million people, 15 million do not get their basic food necessities. Nine out of ten families do not know where their next meal comes from. Many families are incurring significant debt simply to purchase food. The UN had hoped to gather $3.23 billion to assist Afghanistan in 2023, but they have yet to receive a fraction of that amount. They arrived at this figure by considering how much assistance the country requires. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs estimated that approximately 28.3 million people would need help and protection this year at the start of 2023. This is higher than previously since more individuals are in danger and want immediate assistance.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan has been struggling with the worst crises among many suffering communities, leaving the citizens with no hope. With the government's fall, the situation worsened, resulting in the need for substantial financial help from overseas. The charitable causes in Afghanistan are giving up on helping because the situation is getting out of control. However, Aseel, resilient in its goal, stands in solidarity with the Afghan citizens targeted by the unprecedented crisis.

Aseel’s Efforts for International Day of Charity

On International Day of Charity, 2023, Aseel launches its charity campaign “Empowering Afghanistan: International Charity Day Relief Fund.” The campaign aims to raise an amount of $3000 for vulnerable Afghan families. Each contribution is yet another step closer to making a substantial positive impact in the lives of those who need it the most.

Once the targeted amount is met, the Aseel Do Good team will collaborate with the dedicated Atalan network to purchase Emergency Food Packages and distribute them in bulk distribution. These packages will be distributed to the beneficiaries identified and registered by the Atalan network, hence running a swift distribution. Each package donated is designed to sustain a family of eight members for up to five weeks, ensuring they have access to essential food items. The food packages include:

 - 50 kg of Flour

 - 7 kg of Rice

 - 7 kg of Daal

 - 7 kg of Beans

 - 4 kg of Sugar

 - 1 kg of Green Tea

 - 5 liters of Oil

Your donation, counting from $1 to $3000, can significantly impact the lives of these less fortunate Afghan families.

Ways to Contribute to Aseel's Charitable Campaign

To be part of this charitable cause with Aseel, you can get involved by:

  • Volunteering: Assist our Atalan network in purchasing, packaging, and distributing emergency food packages. You can also participate in finding the families who are suffering from hunger/poverty and report to the Aseel Do Good team for further assistance.

  • Spreading the Word: Using our social media accounts, where we connect with the world every second, can be an excellent tool to disseminate information about Aseel's campaign, its aim, and its target audience. Post, share, and promote the message of this campaign with your friends in your community while encouraging them to share the campaign further.

  • Attending Charitable Events: As many charitable events will be held for the International Day of Charity, you can join and share information about Aseel's efforts for charitable causes, asking them to donate.

  • Engaging Online: Using your accounts, you can participate in online discussions and forums to post and write about Aseel's efforts. This can help Aseel to gain more donors and reach its goal.

Let's normalize giving back to the community by lending a helping hand to those who can hardly envision a meal for themselves and their families. As Francis Bacon says, "In Charity, There is No Excess."

By making a $88 donation, you can provide meals for eight individuals over five weeks. Don't wait and be the first contributor to this campaign.

About Aseel

Aseel is a tech-based startup company providing a digital platform that allows artisans to sell their antique handcrafted products and provide humanitarian aid to and from anywhere in the world with complete transparency. We believe in the practical use of the skills to build the positive change the businesses and communities need. The easy and user-friendly platform of Aseel supports thousands of makers by connecting them to global buyers. Transparency and privacy have always been the core values of our team. We are committed to supporting our clients through our secured and protected customer service page anytime.

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