Introducing Omid ID’s QR Code: Enhancing Efficiency and Transparency in Aid Distribution

July 21, 2024


At Aseel, we're continually striving to simplify processes, making them as easy to use as possible. We focus not only on enhancing transparency and identification but also on making the user experience as smooth as it can be.

Identifying those in need quickly and efficiently is a persistent challenge in the technology era. Often, individuals requiring aid cannot afford delays in registration or extensive documentation for their identification. Traditional systems, bogged down by bureaucracy and paperwork, do not meet these urgent needs effectively. However, with Aseel’s Omid IDs, things are different.

Omid ID (meaning "hope" in the Dari language), Aseel’s identification system, addresses these challenges head-on. It enables quick registration with just a name, city, and phone number, streamlining the process to receive aid without unnecessary complications but with a secure database.

While the Omid ID system enables swift and direct aid allocation to identified individuals, determining exactly what to send can still pose a dilemma, causing delays in the delivery of aid. This means that resources do not always perfectly match the recipients' most pressing needs. Should it be food, clothing, cash, or other essentials?

But with Omid ID QR codes, completing all the steps is even easier and more transparent. Let’s check it out!

Introducing Omid ID QR Code

To make the process of sending aid even simpler, we are now adding a QR code to each Omid ID. This QR code contains essential information for verifying an Omid ID holder's identity, along with their "wishlist."

A wishlist includes specific, immediate needs of each Omid ID holder, enabling donors to view the wishlist and send precisely what is most necessary, based on the articulated needs.

The QR code on each Omid ID card not only simplifies the verification and donation process but also empowers beneficiaries by digitizing their requests for aid. With this tool, individuals in need can discreetly share their Omid card as an image via popular social platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram. This feature allows them to communicate their needs effectively, facilitating a dignified way to seek support. It ensures that aid can be mobilized swiftly and accurately by a global community, ready to respond to their call.

If you wish to send aid to a specific individual, simply scan the QR code on their Omid ID card. This quick action allows you to view their needs and send help with just a few clicks, making the entire process efficient and direct.

About Aseel

Aseel is a tech-based startup company providing a digital platform that allows artisans to sell their antique handcrafted products and provide humanitarian aid to and from anywhere in the world with complete transparency. We believe in the practical use of the skills to build the positive change the businesses and communities need. The easy and user-friendly platform of Aseel supports thousands of makers by connecting them to global buyers. Transparency and privacy have always been the core values of our team. We are committed to supporting our clients through our secured and protected customer service page anytime.

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