Update from Herat: With your support, we remain committed to supporting victims of Herat Earthquake

July 21, 2024


Seven weeks have elapsed since the Herat Earthquake, and Aseel Atalan remains committed to providing humanitarian relief aid in the affected areas of Herat. Our humanitarian campaign - Urgent Relief Aid for Herat Earthquake Victims - prioritizes ensuring the survival of men, women, and children who have been victims of the disaster.

Families Supported

Aseel's Do Good team provided relief to 250 families - 2000 individuals - of the earthquake. These families found a lifeline in the form of relief packages. Each package, crafted to sustain a family of 8-10 individuals for a month, has not only addressed immediate needs like shelter and warmth but also contributed to restoring their lives.

Villages Helped:

Aseel's impact goes far beyond individual households, extending its reach to several villages affected by the Herat Earthquake. From Wardaka to Kajkal, the Do Good team - Atalan - has covered nine villages, each facing the challenges of the disaster. By distributing relief packages across villages such as Kushkak Robat Sangi, Mar Khor Sufla, Mar Khor Ulia, Botan, Injeel, Ahmad Abad, Zinda Jah, and Kajkal, Aseel's team has played a crucial role in ensuring no affected village is left behind.

Omid IDs Provided:

The Atalan members not only provided immediate relief but also provided 250 verified Omid IDs - tracking IDs - to victims' families, aiding in the long-term recovery from the earthquake. The distribution of Omid IDs signifies more than just documentation; it represents transparency at each step and access to essential data of the families who have been upended by the earthquake.

Packages Distributed:

The 250 relief packages distributed by Aseel's Do Good team stood as a beacon of compassion and practical assistance. Tailored to meet the specific needs of families grappling with the impacts of the Herat Earthquake, each package is a life-saving aid. The inclusion of kitchen supplies, blankets, hygiene items, and a $50 cash contribution has been instrumental in providing these families with the essentials required to weather the aftermath of the earthquake, fostering resilience and solidarity among the affected communities.

Atalan On the Ground:

Seven Atalan members with the Aseel team on the ground played an instrumental role in the humanitarian efforts following the earthquake disaster. Atalan members were pivotal in the identification and registration process of victims' families. Beyond documentation, they contributed to the logistics of aid distribution including the procurement, packaging, and daily distribution of relief packages to the victims. Their hands-on involvement and collaboration significantly expedited the process, despite the hurdles.

The efforts of Aseel's Do Good team is not a one-time and will continue in the coming distributions, ensuring that affected individuals receive sustained assistance on their path to recovery.

How You Can Support

In this mission of Aseel, let’s take mutual action, envisioning a more significant and positive impact in the lives of those who now live with a future devoid of hope. Your contributions will help us support victim families by providing aid packages. Do not wait and contribute in any of the ways:

  • - Donate via DirectAid Beta: Get a video of your donation in 24-48 hours.

  • - Launch Aid Fundraising Campaigns through Aseel.

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